about the pro­ject

Due to the res­ults and feed­back from the first pro­ject (»Nek­ropole Ber­lin-Neuk­ölln  1945«), a new inter­na­tion­al mul­ti­me­dia research cooper­at­ive pro­ject has appeared. It shall com­bine three major sub­jects in artistic/architectural/graphical/filmic/literary col­lages by audio-visu­al media, cov­er­ing:

war death and destruc­tion in Ber­lin since the Thirty Years’ War

the Warsaw Ghetto (Octo­ber 1940 – May 1943) and Aus­chwitz

the Croa­tian city of Vuko­var dur­ing the Home­land War of 1991

In order to achieve the planned goals and impact, this pro­ject became an inter­na­tion­al col­lab­or­a­tion ini­ti­at­ive in which sev­er­al part­ners and experts are included.