From 14th of April until 30th of May 2018 the »nec­ro­pol­is-pro­ject« will be presen­ted at the Gedenk­stätte & Museum Seelower Höhen at the city of Seelow.

Gedenk­stätte Seelower Höhen / © 2018 Tim van Bev­er­en – Ber­lin

This site about 70 kilo­met­ers East of Ber­lin and close to the Pol­ish bor­der is ded­ic­ated to the memory of the biggest battle of WWII on Ger­man grounds. In April 1945 close to 1.000.000 sol­diers of the Red Army com­manded by Mar­shal Georgi Zhukov attacked the pos­i­tion known as the »Gates to Ber­lin« around the »Seelow Heights«. They were opposed by about 110.000 sol­diers of the Ger­man 9th Army, com­manded by Gen­er­al Theodor Busse.

The 16th of April 1945 marked the start of the last soviet mil­it­ary offens­ive against Nazi-Ger­many. It ended in Ber­lin with the city’s uncon­di­tion­al sur­render on May 2nd, 1945. The attack was itself the open­ing phase of what later has become known as the »Battle of Ber­lin«.

Mas­ter-stu­dents of Beuth-Uni­ver­sity Ber­lin, com­prised of 16 nations, visu­al­ized traces of remem­brance and their reflec­tions upon war, war death, destruc­tion, loss and obli­vi­on . They con­nec­ted art his­tory and lit­er­at­ure over a peri­od of 3.000 years start­ing with the Tro­jan War to today’s battle­grounds of Aleppo. The core exhib­it is the multi-media install­a­tion, named »the trip­tych«, an audio-visu­al story-telling as a col­lage of pho­to­graphy, draw­ings and ori­gin­al film foot­age. The project’s inten­tion is to encour­age reflec­tion through inform­a­tion, dis­cov­ery and iden­ti­fic­a­tion – against for­get­ting.


Gedenk­stätte & Museum Seelower Höhen
Küstriner Strasse 28 a
15406 Seelow

Open­ing hours:

Tues­day – Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.       (open also on hol­i­days)