Ivan Salaj

Ivan Salaj is a renown and award win­ning Croa­tian film dir­ect­or and screen­play writer. He was born 1969 in Zagreb. His fam­ily ori­gin­ates from the Slavo­ni­an town Vuko­var at the river Danube. Ivan cur­rently resides in Zagreb.

He stud­ied film dir­ect­ing at the Academy of Drama Art at Zagreb and gradu­ated in 1995.

Already since 1993 he has been work­ing pro­fes­sion­ally for HTV, RTL Hrvat­ska, NOVA TV and vari­ous pro­duc­tion com­pan­ies as screen­writer and dir­ect­or for about forty doc­u­ment­ary films ( among oth­ers: »Sons of Storm« ,  »Exchange« ,  »Life with Flowers« ). Besides that he also worked as »script-doc­tor« in the drama pro­gram of HTV from 1999 and as assist­ant dir­ect­or on a dozen of fea­ture films and dra­mas since 1992 until 2002.

As a co-writer he helped cre­at­ing five more fea­ture films, has been the cre­at­ive dir­ect­or of two anim­ated films and dir­ec­ted more then 50 com­mer­cials for vari­ous pro­duc­tion com­pan­ies.

For the per­man­ent exhib­i­tion of the museum in Krap­ina he dir­ec­ted the short fea­ture film »The Neander­tal Story« in 2009.

His latest fea­ture film »The Eighth Com­mis­sion­er«, a movie for which he wrote the screen­play and also dir­ec­ted it, will be released in 2018.



For the TV drama »See you« (1995) and for the doc­u­ment­ary films »Second Floor, Base­ment« (1991) and »Hotel Sunja« (1992) he received sev­er­al inter­na­tion­al awards includ­ing the pres­ti­gi­ous Rector’s Award, Octavi­an, Breza and Golden Arena.